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Twisted Monkey Yoga Studio | Rockledge, PA

Ok, I've been sitting on this one for a while, and I'm so excited to finally tell you about this wonderful collaboration with the one and only Twisted Monkey Yoga Studio in Rockledge. Twisted Monkey has kind of woven in and out of my personal narrative over the years, and it was absolutely a dream to collaborate with Daniella and her incredible staff.

For the record, I don't have a ton of yoga experience. Might seem a little surprising, considering my affinity for all things crunchy. Most of what I know has come from only a handful of classes, and most of those have been at this little treasure nestled into the neighborhood where I raised my kids for four years. As a single mom at the time, babysitting wasn't always easy to come by, so I was only able to squeeze a few classes in here and there. If you've been to a yoga studio or you know 'yoga people', you know that a lot of times, an inexperienced newcomer can easily feel like a fish out of water. So it was especially noteworthy to me that I never felt that way at Twisted Monkey. The teachers were patient and kind. The room was filled with nice people and good energy. This socially anxious, ultra awkward earthling left that building feeling genuinely great about myself every time I was fortunate enough to participate.

The partnerships I form are with people and businesses I genuinely believe in. People who are committed to mind, body and spirit wellness. So reaching out to Daniella made a lot of sense. Let's pair our two worlds and see what happens. Let's take these beautiful people who guide these classes with so much love and care and place them in the cathartic, gently grounding setting of photography in nature. Ours feel like sister worlds. Two businesses intent on promoting love, inner peace, openness, curiosity, joy. I really enjoyed this collaboration!

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