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Seven Pines Apothecary | Aroma Therapy & Massage Therapy | Warrington, PA

“I knew the power of a single wish, after all. Invisible and inevitable, like a butterfly that beats its wings in one corner of the globe and with that single action changes the weather halfway across the world.”

- Alice Hoffman, The Ice Queen

It started with a simple enough wish. To connect small businesses, to create a network of creative and wellness workers, and maybe above all, to find 'my people.' The long version is for another day, but that's the short version of how I came to meet Jessica Fields of Seven Pines Apothecary. There was something immediately warm and inviting about Jess. I could sense it before we spoke and I was sure if it after. And so, when she reached out about photos for her new website, I was excited to hop on board.

Jessica Fields, Seven Pines Apothecary | Lexi Bird Photography
Seven Pines Apothecary | Lexi Bird Photography

Jess is a Certified Aromatherapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner. She also sells the most delightful body creams, lip balms, candles and more. (I am especially fond of her Primrose Facial Serum, which smells heavenly and feels amazing).

While every service and product that Seven Pines Apothecary offers is truly awesome, what makes them really stand apart from the rest is Jess, herself. A truly lovely human being, just here on this planet trying to make it a little bit better.


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