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You're on the road to self-discovery, healing, joy and love. It's a vulnerable, scary, exciting path. A great adventure.


And wherever it's leading, it starts with believing in yourself.


I'm so excited to be a part of your journey. To help empower you with a precious reminder that you are strong, beautiful, resilient. Worth celebrating. Worth loving. Worth this bold and liberating experience. Every single day, I want you to see for yourself and believe, deep in your soul, what I know to be true:


You Are A Masterpiece.

Your story matters. Your journey is worthwhile. Your bravery unlocks untold possibilities. I can't wait to create something wonderful with you. To help tell your story. To show you as the main character in a wonderful quest to find your authentic self.

Lexi Bird Photography
Lexi Bird Photography

My experience with Alexis was one of the most awakening experiences of my life.


I have always been afraid of my own body, I've always felt uncomfortable in my own skin, I've never been able to just step out and feel free. When Alexis approached me with this project I wanted it to be something not only special to me, but to the world around me that I needed to feel accepted by. I have done implied and nude shoots before but in every single one of them you can see the discomfort in my face because I just felt so insecure.


We approached the shoot with the expectation that I could push myself if I felt comfortable and that she would not do anything to make it feel forced... Because she was a trusted figure to me that I knew, I could let go and just be in the moment and that's exactly what I did... It was an intimate moment with myself that she was just along for the journey to capture.


It was remarkably life changing for me to walk around in nature so freely and not judging myself and feeling disgusted. When she showed me a preview of what she was capturing of me I couldn't believe it. I felt like a beautiful creature. There wasn't much to hide behind besides some makeup so I was really seeing myself for the first time in a different light. After that moment I finally freed myself from this huge weighted burden of self hatred and and was able to just see myself for exactly what I was and am... No one can just make that happen for you, you have to allow them the opportunity to capture exactly what they're seeing in a way that speaks to your soul.


That's what Alexis did. She captured my soul. Her serene nature in such a delicate and vulnerable moment truly felt like she was holding my hand the entire time she just let me discover on my own... I felt so safe trusting her with this moment and I will cherish it forever. Thank you for this gift.

Lexi Bird Photography


Ready to dive in? Want to ask some questions first? Curious about current pricing and availability? Filling out this form is the first step! I can't wait to get acquainted, and I'll respond as soon as I'm able!

Your experience should be personal and tailored to your creative and emotional needs. For that reason, my bookings are limited to ensure my utmost attention and quality of service.


Lexi Bird Photography

Alexis H.

Huntingdon Valley, PA

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