A Chapter

Writing with Light

"Photography is the practice of writing with light." A beloved teacher said this early in my career. As the childhood keeper of many secret journals, this concept resonated. In fact, it sent chills down my spine. The kind you might remember getting as a kid when your imagination led you down twisting paths toward magical destinations. They were made larger than life by the limitless narrative of your mind.

Not surprisingly, my background before photography was in creative writing and journalism. Between the two, I learned to capture magic through beautiful imagery with honesty and integrity. When I began my study of photography, at the age of 17, I took the craft of storytelling and learned to translate it into photographs. Writing with light. Photography has become my pursuit of relationship: Relationship between Light and Dark, between Photographer and Subject, between Subject and the World around them.

I won't lie - I'm still the keeper of secret journals. And I still feel that chill down my spine when I embark on an adventure with my clients. Each project feels like a new chapter in a book that's been shared with thousands. I feel privileged to have captured everything from a couple's first kiss to a baby's first breath. Telling stories is my passion. Let me share yours.

~Alexis H., B.A.

Photojournalism, Temple University