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You are Art.

Some people break plates. Some people scream into a pillow. Some jump into the water and become mythical creatures. Some wander into the woods and get naked with nature. Sometimes, it just needs to get out.

Whatever the It, the need is the same. It's a kettle that's whistling. It's a well that's overflowing. It's a voice inside that's quiet, but needs to scream, so you can hear and remember who you are.

I know, because this is how I feel, too. It's the answer to why I take my camera into the woods and lean into trees, or stretch across boulders, or curl into crevices. It seems a little crazy. But there's a release you get when you let go of your fear and allow yourself permission to fully trust the ride. Something deeply rewarding. Something freeing. Something that transforms you.


I want to give you more than a photoshoot. I want to give you an experience. I want you to embrace yourself, to be bold and dare to see yourself the way that I do - as something fragile but strong, brave and beautiful. Resilient. Radiant.

Look, I get it.

I know magazine covers and social media influencers tell us every day who deserves to love themselves. Sometimes looking in the mirror and being kind to what we see is an act of radical acceptance. Some days are easier than others. All around us, there are reasons to believe that we're not worthy. Not yet. Not until we lose the weight, or get the skin tucked. Once we've got the clothes, or the career. Sometimes, society tells us it's too late, and our moment has already passed us by.

Those are hard messages to ignore. It takes courage.

I'm here to tell you, you can do it. I promise. Over the years, I've helped countless clients through their first ever modeling experience. There's nothing more rewarding than when someone takes that step, puts themselves out there and does something boldly creative, despite their fear. There's no greater fulfillment, as a photographer, than helping others liberate themselves and see something beautiful and so much deeper than skin.

You are a masterpiece. And you don't need experience. You don't need to know the moves or have the costumes or props and you don't need to travel to the seven natural wonders. Right here, right now, you are enough. All you have to do is believe it. Are you ready?

Each Session Includes

- An initial phone or email consultation

- Location recommendations

- Styling & wardrobe assistance

- Vendor recommendations

- A curated photo reveal experience (online or in person)

- Access to an online gallery of your images

- Limited use printing rights

Sessions start at $350.




   Please check out some of my favorite local small businesses to support!

    Gianna Marie Beauty - Licensed Hairstylist & Professional Makeup Artist at Salon Moda

*  Natalie Amparo - Senegence Makeup & Skincare Distributor

Seven Trees Stage Company - Professional costume design by Annalise Settefrati

    The Twisted Monkey - Yoga Studio

   Naked Brewing Co. - Craft Brewery

   Seven Pines Apothecary - Massage Services & Wellness Products

   Be Well Cafe - Bakery & Cafe

   AshTree Photography & Films - Brand and Headshot Photography

* Marjorie Cottrell - Astrology

* Annotated vendors are participating in our Client Appreciation program. Mention Lexi Bird Photography and ask about special savings when booking with them!

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