If you've ever gotten to work in any capacity with someone whose work you are a huge fan of and whose talent you deeply admire, then you have some idea what an awesome experience it has been to be photographed by my dear friend Lexi Bird Photography. Alexis is a master trapper of sorts. She captures life. Real life. Even the more specifically directed shots look and feel like a freeze frame of a candid moment anyone else may have missed. There's something about her work that makes me feel like with every image I know the person in the frame a little bit more (and not just because she's photographed so many of my friends lol). So whether you wanna open up a window to your daily routine with a lifestyle shoot, wanna explore your saucy side with a boudoir shoot, or just give your selfie arm a break, my homegirl Alexis is top shelf, first class, grade A, bomb diggity... just the most awesomest sauce.


—  Seth, Lifestyle, Music Promo & Performance Client